Know Your Overwhelming Expectations

Tell yourself, “I am not a robot”! You scroll through you phones with 10 websites up at once and have unrealistic timing built into your heads. The rush of being better or stronger ringing in your minds. On the go, we want to see so much greater for our selves in the moment, it make us crazy at times.

In your day to day motion, don’t underestimate the great practice of resting, meditation, and writing. Tell yourself that you can. Your allowed. The business fairy will not strike you down. If your spirit is weak, you’ll be frustrated, sick, and feeling like the world is moving and you aren’t getting any where.

What you must do is take a week off duty! Stress is not an achievement or something to be proud of. When you look at the world from a silent view, you can see that people are really pulled by forces they cannot see. A lot of times its the fear of lack, or the fear of being inferior to people of your age group, or, good ole’ boredom.
All of these aspects of stress, are all re-writable images of life and you may be eligible to benefit off of some mindfulness meditation. Pay attention to what you speak upon through out the day. You may find that you are a loud , tense,  and irritable bitch.

Have no fear, there is a cure. Put your hands in your lap, stop touching your phone or whatever else has your focus and take on6 the amazing world of your own thoughts and brain. Listen to your body. Are you aching and just saying there’s not enough time to love you? Hows your love life? How’s your kids? Open up in your notebook about all that is and will be. You can not change everything, but, you can change the way you perceive life. Super-duper love your temple and all that it has to offer. You will find that you are stronger, and more intelligent than anyone could be in your unique situations.


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