end to end

Where i am at peace,
where i am with a smile,
and where i am on time.
Slip a love letter in my jean jacket,
before i leave,
i find,
my beloved adores me,
have a great day,
its all about the little things,
that’s what THEY say.
over rolling hills and valleys,
in the the 2 door Ford,
we stay,
as we break the icy barriers,
the love we share,
deeply rooted.
you know me,
i know you,
there’s nothing else to say.
for a moment unpressed with past decisions,
the only real burden,
removing battles you wont see.
if it wasn’t for you,
id be,
without you.
ill find me,
in a you that may not look much like you,
that’s how the world moves.
stay a while,                                                 with me.                                                    where we are at peace,                           where we are with a smile,                        And where we are on time.



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