Stop Scroll Trolling-the effects of social media on the mind. 

Going though pages and pages of media crap. Old friends associates and exes pop into your news feed and suddenly your rewinding you life back to where your still that little girl with a broken heart again. Put down your phone right now and get a grip.  This could really be why this is why social media was made. It was so easy  to keep somebody going around in circles. 

Ask yourself,  Are you causing problems in your life by comparing yourself to others?

Look at your social media page right now…your pictures your happenings,  The words put on your page.  It’s all you, its so you that you are able to change what ever you want at any time. Heck,  if what’s in your time line is so lame. Divorce that person and make a new page.  


I wanna

I dont wanna

Why not 

Your doubting your self

With respect

You may try to not seam confident to make somebody pleased at themselves. 

Violent circumstances can arise from saying what is high and mighty. 

When you checkout other beings and see what they are being then you attach all their beings into your being thus causing a effect that makes up your being. _aabey

This effect could be thrilling experience full of twists and turns or a chase of some sort. We have to become real with the current of our realities. 

Should we trap our souls into a box for a longer time. How long must we tap on the box.  What great pleasure would it give me or you.  Likes and dislikes.. That is the nature of our conversations anyways.  Exchanging head nods.  Make sure your online at a certain time.  I’m going to get to you. Predatoras. 

We do this to extract currency. people are on their internets. And Internets can be exciting and all human connection is heavenly. Use this,  Be your own star of your own life. Look up at life and create a passion that you can show to the world. Be proud of who you are. Smile 😬

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