Social media and interactions with other Beings. 

In all the talk about self esteem issues and social media.. Why do people make such a big deal about the aspects of the brain that are working during social media interactions. Focusing on it may just be what is making the issue. someone likes your message to the world and you know that somewhere near you a person shared a similar experience by communicating that to you. 

Talking more reduces stress. Not going out and taking more on your shoulders. That’s just my opinion. —-Choice Battles. “You don’t spend time with me”.. “I just liked your post and commented on it. You can’t say I never did anything for you that day because I did. I do.  And I will. ”

Possible conversations, alot of conversations. Soul Ties with alot of people

Pictures with a bunch of different faces all going inside you at once. 

You,  put down your phone and look at your hands.  Two energy centers going in and out. Now you are harmonizing your life with whatever you seek the most. Temptation is easy through many open portals. Lives. I haves. Moving time along. Alternate realities. I’m here,  your there attitude. Highly.  Idol. Is it a sin to appear as an idol to others or is it all about intention?

 Opinions matter.  What do you think?


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