Breaking Bad

When you look at your life

Do you judge your own down falls

Can you right what your know is inside

Make sence of your inner cravings

Listen to what your body is saying

Don’t be scared of this

Feel your essence

Your spirit calling

Are you the master

What is your thing

What stinks

Anything and everything

All you need to do is center yourself

Don’t listen to anything you know is not right

Making excuses is just making it harder for you to stop

Why do the people around me seam so fake

Talking and talking

Never producing

Building mountains

A steaming heap of rhetoric and broken dreams

Get your toilet water saliva slopping ass out of room if you cant handle it

This is the wake up call

Take a sip of this

Cleanse soul trip

If you got something to say

Let it rip

 -alaura bey


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