From Seed to Fruit

Sunlight always shines on me

I can breathe

Everyday I plant my seeds

Everyone grows fruitfully

Let my dreams lead me

No demons in my way

Parasites silenced they have nothing to say

You could call me ray

You know, like from the sun

Where I came from

We were made with so much purpose and insight

Tear down the inner fight

Detach and reprogram

Unwind and love yourself

Bee moor than ever before

Move forward and close these doors

Move Forward

These are the last days

No practice test

Bullshit if you want to

Ill be sitting on the beach

Reaping the benefits of my hard work

Love pouring out of my pores

My path on heavens horizons

Purity in my heart

Sincerity and full clarity

The empress of her own reality
-alaura bey






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