Just Smile Sad World

Take a moment and turn off this phone

Let the world fade away

Its whats letting you down anyways

Several punches to the gut only makes you stronger but killing you softly on the inside

All these rules, why do we abide?

Entrapping the very essence that drives each step

Your thoughts entangle in a web of lies dead bodies stacked up

Dead bodies all around

But you keep trapping

Rapping about irrelevant issues

Making sure the great picture is perfect

Saying how much better you are compared to the rest of the world

Living and enjoying the pleasures that my loves on the other side of the world would rejoice over

While were over here wishing and hoping for a change

Like every other brother snd sister out here

Higher powers that are killing and divideing blowing out our candles one by one

I know about the hate

I know about the tears

And when it comes to the fear

I know all about that there

That truth is here that love is inside

I know how to smile

So Ill just smile

Anyways anyhow
-alaura bey



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