A New Season

I will to hop the box

I will not sit around and ponder

Wonder how and why

Its time for me to grace the stage with my presence

Being whole with my existance

I found the key to my cage

Im being let out at the last age

Meant to bring everyone up with me

Walk with me

Love/Hate me


I be

I am

On that

Yea I know some ish

Watch me flow some bish

I can break it down

I know you can handle it

I own the land I walk on

And the trees sway with my energy

Burning bright

The sun in me

Sagitarius fire burning in me

Passions guiding into resurrection or destruction

Death and rebirth

We are the creators of this earth

I will multiply my worth everyday

Contemplate on how to make the world a better place

Sincerity in my heart

Knowing all in my brain

This bloodline flowing through my vains

Royalty comes naturally

No you can’t just tell me I am property

I own me

With the permission of the most highs

No one higher than

I take order and command from my creator solely.
-alaura bey


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