Alter Ego

All these faces all these roles we play to make it through the day. Authentically speaking and living lies, words we say that make the play. Display the image of random being o a random planet. thinking you are the only being is strait insanity. What is the purpose of with holding positions of high standard ignoring the greatness of who you are alone and only you. Beauty and innocence trampled in this society of namer and blamers forcing you into hiding when you feel your don’t add up to the dividends and match not with the materialistic so you throw on a mask. The one that smiles as you don’t. the one that throws a bra and panties on and dances for undercover pedophiles, puts money in the registers at McDonalds, the ones that blatantly kills in the name of the law. I really question the nature of this reality, is it just me. I’m weary of these fake ass situations. Random people who look up to me, random people who look down on me. Were all on this planet living equally. Who would I be to think I am any better. Your set of choices and path was a clever one. Although I see your still wondering when this shit will end and if the choices you made will still stand and if the choices you made will still stand and if Babylon is going to come crashing down on your head. Don’t neglect the greatness of you with out names occupations and degrees. How light is your soul baby?
-alaura Bey



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