Id rather you promise me

And before you break your promise let me know

That your words are a combination of bullshit and horseshit

And that you will no longer be keeping your word

Ill forgive you

And the day will come when

What you do to me

Must be done back to you


Your honesty was appreciated and reciprocated.

Don’t lie

Its better to know than to waste time with empty minded gestures

Paths we walk with out light

Unhappy days and wondering why

One strenuous conversation

With the one who lies

Drained energy from uncovering the obvious words that need to be said

Protect yourself

Not my feelings

Karma trap

Im not above reproach

I come to set the record strait

Do unto others as others do to you

But what if I say i don’t want to do what you do no more

That’s me walking out of your door

Done playing games

Regreting and letting

Playing pain tag

No thankyou

I Choose truth
-alaura bey


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