It Was me The Whole Time

To the end of the fake shit. Don’t talk don’t speak just listen. The inside of the mind spills out all the muck ad dirt you put yourself through without discernment. You are wanting things your soul denies. You cry and cry until you have what you have just to realize that’s not even what you really wanted. No happiness can be found in material items of material faces. Demons speak loud in times of torment. Neglecting what was done to you in this agreement. You want to be confused. You want to not know what to do next. So you can rise on the wings of another soul  stronger  or weaker than you. Find your light in this fight for life. Put your faith soul in the most highs. Cause when you try to search they’ll sit back and watch as their child does the opposite of the teaching. Losing faith in the greatness that lies inside of looking outside for a blissing from Amma to find that you were all you needed in the first place.
-alaura bey


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