AlauraDora™ brandnew zazzle store Where do i start!?

25 Tarr 2010

Today i decided to open a Zazzle store! opening a zazzle store is easy.

(1)think of a name for your store.-make the name something catchy or something at least you will remember. AlauraDora has stuck with me because of my light brown skin like dora the explorer. put the a and the d together and you get alaura adora, like adorable or loving, i found my self the perfect name.

(2)Draw up a good logo for your business. Like any other business you need a logo for people to recognize you by. pick something that means something to you.

(3) has so many choices of products to make! it may be hard, but choose some products you would like to focus on making. i picked prints today because i love to paint and I am sure i can provide a bunch of fresh images for the people to add some flavor to their rooms.

my newest products provided on this store are prints of an original painting that is called “the 58th Star”.

“the 58th Star” is inspired by TLC 13 Love Community Private. The original works is in my sketchbook. If anybody is interested in buying original copies of my work, then contact me via my number 4123904806 or email me at These Are acrylic prints made by Acrylic idea Factory, a business based in Tucson Arizona. using My original artwork me and this company work together in creating these awesome realistic prints. Their great biz that makes all of these things oh so proficiently! Have one for yourself and add bright vibrations to any space. Cooling blues and in your face reds, pinks that wash over into the dark abyss, 5, the power of change, 8 the cycle, the end of a cycle. changing growing wising up and rising up, 13,the universal energy, mama, big amama mama sun! what do you see?

The 58th star
16×20 “the 58th star” an absrtact painting by -alaurabey

acyrlic art print “the 58th star”

Acrylic art prints by alauradora™
“The dark mirror getting clearer” is the name of this design. this was inspired by the way dreams fade away in the a.m. my eye sight becomes 3d reality. The original design is tucked away in my sketch book, if you have any interest in buy the original work, contact me

DSC_0061 (5)

“The dark mirror gets clearer” -Alauradora


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