Draw with me: best sketchbooks on the net. 6 different sketchbooks same company, good prices.

Art is life! Art is everything. I believe it is very important that young people and elder people as well to have a sketchbook or two around. you very own book book with out lines or restriction to let your creativity flow free. Learning to draw helps you with planning your vision and see life through pigments and simple shapes.I am a fanatic when it comes to finding deals on amazon for art supplies and that. You can find so many great things on the internet. Us artist have to stick together when it comes to putting our colorful creations on the perfect piece of paper. Strathmore brand comes with all different sizes and is durable enough to withstand all mediums. Sketch books may very well hold you dearest and most intimate thoughts, let your fabulous idea be held in good strong paper that will suit all of your creative needs .

sometimes a new sketchbook is all you need to start creating again. Are you in an art rut? i know how those feel. the introspect of money being in the picture can be disappointing if you haven’t seen sales on your works yet. there is a lot of art on the computer. and we know are mediums so well deeply ingrained in our minds though, the cash is not there, you have to really keep on practicing grace. giving to paper makers so they can make more paper for all of your arts. give to local artist, to gallery.  give nd give until they wonder where you are…”where is the awesome artist with the nifty sketchbook?”. think out side of the boxes. the stereotypes about where we are to be and not to be…freedom, free your mind. be clear and let the flow carry you to where you need to go.

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here is a list of them for your convenience.

Good days and Good nights

yours truly,

-1alaura Bey3

Strathmore 18-Inch by 24-Inch Spiral Sketch Book, 30-Sheet

Strathmore STR-025-508 100 Sheet Sketch Pad, 8.875 by 11″

Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal, 8.5 by 11-Inch, 64 Pages

Strathmore STR-105-974 30 Sheet Artist Tiles Coal Black Pad, 6 by 6″

Strathmore STR-469-105 128 Sheet No 80 Toned Gray Art Journal, 5.5 by 8.5″

by: Alaura Bey

TLC 13 Love Community

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