The most sight gratifying pictures to choose from on the internet for your house and what i think about them.

Art for me is a different experience on each page, on each click of the page, there is a color ive never seen, a technique, a stroke different from the last. Everybodies artistic eye is different, and there is a message in each piece. lets dive into the truth of each image and get some inspiring words flowing in light of these creations! shout out to all the artists in this post.

EZON-CH Modern Art Hand Painted Romantic Love Flower Series Oil Painting Stretched and Framed For Home(Pink) 16IN X 16IN
– i see delicate flowers wilting on the table of my moms old house. when i was younger i wonder why cut flowers coudldn’t live forever. the pink is light and fluffy, like the most beautiful flowers you would never want to die, softly dying right in front of you.the beauty and the ugly in this cycle of life. A flower never complains that she is losing her petals, her legacy lives on in porphyry keeping the air musky with the scent of flora.

V-inspire Paintings, 24×48 Inch Modern Textured Purple Flower Oil Painting Contemporary Artwork Floral Hangings Stretched And Framed Ready to Hang Wall Decoration Abstract Painting
this rare painting has spunk to it, lilac flowers that come out of the canvas for you to touch and smell, the flowers look freshly picked on a sping day, bright and full of light. Smelling delightful and springy!

wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Oil Painting on Canvas – the River, Watercolor, Wallpaper, Tree – Modern Home Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang – 24″x36″x3 Panels
Water and sunsets really do it for me. This is very realistic and everything seems to be moving. I could imagine, I am walking along this path hearing birds and scuffling animals to scared to fully come out, its cold and i have my campsite set for me right around the corner. fire wood cut and ready, i shall retire the night with a cup of hot coco and beans…

wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Painting of Pier on Canvas.Rich Golden Sunset over Ocean.Modern Impressionism – Modern Home Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang – 24″x36″x3 Panels
I really appreciate when there is a sunset in the sky, all the colors are so warm and loving as if the sky is thanking us for looking. This pier reminds me of a dream i had where i was the sky and i watching my self sit on a pier, The body me was crying until the sky me merged with the body me turning me into a golden pinkish shimmering color all over.i remember feeling warm tingling happiness inside my heart radiating through my teeth, forcing me to smile. I don’t remember much after that, but just for a second, imagine being as beautiful as a real sunset cooling into the night.

Large 24″ Modern Abstract – Wall Decor Art – Original Oil Canvas Painting – Stretched Signed By Mark Kazav – MUST HAVE!
i see two bright and artsy woman, proud and fashionable. I feel that maybe this art could represent all woman in a way, all different shades and hues vibration that are warm and representing vital forces.x

that’s all for now
good days and good nights,
yours truly,
Alaura Bey



  1. Very vivid descriptions infused with thought. I appreciate your commentary. I wish I could just shadow you for a day to see ‘a day in the life of an artist extraordinaire’..


  2. Aw thanks!. ..Well, u know how to reach me whatever time works for u. I’ll even bring an old keyboard/mic, just for laughs and giggles. 😉


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