Now I’m working hard
Going in a new direction
Flowing to a new world
Giving way to the flood gates in changes that must happen for this inner world I have to feel peace in
I’m being called
Although in my bed is where I’d rather lay
In for work, in to be used
In to be somewhere I am not.
I have to not be so hard on my self
They say
Perhaps if I’m not
I’ll be somewhere else I’m not supposed to be
And then I’ll have to leave
All the things we want to be
All the groups we would like to attend
Jealous covetous fits
I need you
I have you
Your my only fix
A person
An unreliable feeble minded being
Only capable of their own bubble of life
A few friends or family members
Stretched to the limit of obligation
We only need what we need
Stress kills
I must rest
That’s success


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