Naturesque Artworks by brilliant artists

Im sure, that deep inside of youself you love trees, flowers, spring time,
all of these fresh memories and playing outside with neighborhood kids, picking flowers. The simplicity of nature is a calming sensation with in the bustle of the money hustle. Here i have comprised a list of paintings and photography that and my thoughts and alittle poetry on them. click on the links if any of them catches your fancy ;)…………………………….

Seekland Art Hand painted Lady Dancing with Red Dress Abstract Canvas Wall Art Impression Oil Painting Modern Contemporary Artwork Fine Pictures Unframed (2436 inch)
artist: Seekland Art
Of course, beings are apart of nature too.
fine lady dressed so elegantly,
what is the reason for your shuffle and step,
your always on beat
your always on point
For you spotted that perfect flower to adorn your hair
sewn generous amount of fabric for your dress
so be it that your spins will deteriorate any mans knees that walk near
bright red
calling closer to your grasp and gaze
one more dance please mami

Landscape Canvas Wall Art,Modern Wall Art,Nature Picture Art,Canvas Prints,Oil Painting,Autumn Forest Wall Decor,Wall Decoration (Starry Night Large)
Artist:visual art
this artwork has a magical feel to it. The blue fills me with a sense of excitement and there is glitter all in the sky. We are all connected and we have this vast solar system wrapping its arms around us. were spiraling and circling, some people are laughing, some are crying. Adults children, all walks of life visit this tree and pick up its leaves when it sheds. stars are beams of knowledge about the everything. all seeing and all knowing mama universe so powerful and infinite.

Northern Exposure High Definition Wall Mural HUGE 12ft 6in Wide x 9ft High Covers an Entire Wall!
artist: quick murals
This picture reminds me of a great day to camp out. This pond is so still and huge, the fact that this is really a mural amazes me. you can really stick this on you wall and feel like your there. Do you want to be there?

Enchanted Harbor Asian High Definition Wall Mural HUGE 9ft 6in Wide x 4ft 5in High
artist:quick murals
This one has less of a realistic look, but is still a fine specimen, the mountains and waters have the soft watercolor type of look which i really appriciate because thats my favorite medium to use. every time i see these types of art work i think of geisha woman and triangle looking hats and farmers, the scene is quite amusing. people who are icons by artworks that depict their distinct culture.Culture is intriguing enough that this “asian feel” is actually something you can picture in your mind as you read this.I know you know what i am talking about.

Wall26 – Long Pathway in an Arch Tree Covered Forest – Wall Mural, Removable Sticker, Home Decor – 100×144 inches
artist:wall 26
now when i think of a good wall mural, this one just tips the iceberg,look at how much depth is in the picture. I feel like i can walk down this path strait from my room. This is an example of really good photography skills!

Red Roses Canvas Art Prints from Original Oil Painting of Agostino Veroni Made in Italy
artist: Agostino Veroni
Bright pinks and reds all mixed up makes for an excellent painting indeed. Personally those are my favorite colors to use in any painting. Adding bright red and pinks show the confidence of the artist. you have to know how to work those colors right so they dont all blend into page as a big blob. i especially like the little hint of yellow like a bridge of a song, this creates a possible source of light maybe? who knows what the artist was thinking. simple and elegant. bright and exciting. those are the words that come to mind here.

Seascape Positano Lemon Trees Painting Italy Amalfi Coast Wall Art Canvas by Agostino Veroni
artist agostino veroni
This ocean scene is very lovely, i litterally feel like washing my feet right in the ocean over there in the paint.There is a brushy look, like it was done very quickly which makes this artist amazing.Classical music, italy and floral aroma inspired, the sound of waves in the background. I would like to spend a life time by this ocean. check out more from him on amazon!


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