The day I realized I’m not Alaura Bey

I was walking in the snow and the air was burning my fingers.

And when I looked at my hands I knew that I needed a break in a warm space.

So I walked there, this place I had in mind. When I got there I was relieved with the faces that greeted me.

I knew I was supposed to be on my way back to the house where I lay my head.

But I was on the move. Head phones in with some Bobby H

emit. My mind was on the science of life. The science of desires, temptations, bringing awareness to my urge to be seen, and my resistance to the event that I may converse with associates.

So I went for it. I think I like this.

The growth that stems from taking different avenues and using my resources. Places, not people. Things, not personalities. I am filled with everything I need to be. Lack is a state of mind. All that come when being alaura, luring in, what if I change my direction, luring in the ultimate reality. The most pleasurable experience fostering enriching experiences. There is a certain amount of drama during a phase that must change,2 will change as long as you know yourself and how you really feel are important. More Important than rituals in books. More important than crunchy religion. We have an infinite amount of energy. Don’t waste it on negativity. Don’t waste it on doting on the past!


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