moving in season

the breeze is warmer now
not stinging or ringing my ears
i’m outside
sun chasing
breaking the cycles of a stagnant winter
cooped up frozen in time
the new year for me spells of buds and fresh leaves
blooming beginnings
new found love
untouched ideas put away for the winter
im here and now
planting seeds in the ground
awaiting the outcomes of baby seedlings
spring time
life quality increasing
its a shame
some people don’t really like bees a buzzing
they may not like the grass a growing
i have a heart for fresh air
breathing chlorophyll through my nostrils
i to am a plant with roots deep
i am the water rushing
i am dead leaves turned into fertilizer
we are all manifestations
coming by to enjoy nature
earths in a state of arrival
we all reflect her survival
this year will be different they say
i say
i don’t doubt it

 Westlake Art – Canvas Print Wall Art – Desiring God on Canvas Stretched Gallery Wrap – Modern Picture Photography Artwork – Ready to Hang – 16x20in (zgh 6ef)


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