End to End

Where i am at peace,
where i am with smile,
where i am on time.
Slip a love letter in my jean jacket,
before i leave,
i find,
my beloved loves me deeply.
Have a great day,
a great day is about the little things,
that’s what THEY say.
Over rolling hills and valleys,
in the the 2 door Ford.
we stay,
We break icy barriers,
a divine love we share,
deeply rooted.
You know me.
I know you,
I can love you,
there’s nothing else to say.
A moment unpressed with past decisions,
the only real burden,
removing battles you can not see.
If it wasn’t for you,
id be,
with out you,
until i find me again,
in a you that may not look like you.
That’s how the world moves and shakes,
in this time,
while its you who looks like you,
stay for a while,
where we are at peace,
where we are with smile,
where we are on time.