Mission Statement

The contemplative, self-examined life is one that is not afraid to peer into the deep well of the soul and to see what reflection lay in the rippling water. A life of socratic questioning frees the soul from a bondage of the conforming to the status quo–a captivity to ‘what I have always been’ or to ‘what society has painted me to be.’

The sages have said, “do not despise the day of small beginnings.” A movement of the will from where I am, to where I want to be, is at the heart of it all. The courage to acknowledge one’s current condition, and the seed-like energy to spark an internal revolution is the issue. How is it that a seed so small could create acres and acres of forestry? Oh, the vitality and power that is tucked away in a seedling. That moment of internal resolve to look out upon a vista of untilled plains, and to envision the very real possibility of dense forestry that could spawn from this seed–the seed of your will–is the issue.

It has been said that when one removes the beam in his own eye, he can then see clearly to remove the spec in his brother’s eye. Real impact and reform of humanity is not perceived as judgment if the reformer has been refined by the fiery courage of internal socratic questioning and an indestructible will.